Luis Francisco Moscoso Gallardo

Luis Francisco Moscoso Gallardo was born on April 30, 1963 in Piñas, Ecuador. From a very young age he already had art on his hands, as he grew he went deeper and deeper into the creative world. He attended to State University of Guayaquil he enrolled in Architecture until, in the 3rd year, he said to himself: “my thing is art”, and then he left architecture and dedicated himself entirely to create artistic pieces. He was surprised because the exhibitions he gave were a success and increasingly, his techniques flowed more freely. Since then, his creativity has not stopped and he is a self-taught artist who has already participated in more than 70 individual and collective exhibitions, where he has shared with renowned artists, nationally and internationally.


early begginings

70´s & 80´s

From the age of six, he became interested in the plastic arts and began to capture his most intimate memories on canvas. He is self-taught, drawing inspiration from the works of great masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and Guayasamin


in the pursue of his own style

90´s / 2000´s

Luis Moscoso having mastered different techniques and styles he embarks on a journey to find a style that distinguishes him from others but it is in the early nineties where he finally finds his distinctive stamp that later will mark the bases of his creative work, giving us iconic and inspiring works where dreamlike and surreal elements combine human nature in its purest state with the animal and the vegetable.


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“I’ve always been inspired by the human figure, women, nature, love, I do not have a specific theme of life itself, art is born of flow and it may be that of a single element such as a fruit, a flower, a great artist can bring forth a great work” 


- luis moscoso

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