luis moscoso

art works

Luis Moscoso an Insistent Creator

“Yesterday were the beginnings with a freshness of tones parallel to the shyness of the initial poetry, today, a worldview that brings thickness to the rubrics giving life to his pictorial language. There are no circumlocutions, no search for shortcuts. It is the affirmation of constancy, the figure of culture in the right position.”


-Voltaire Medina Orellana about Moscoso

his own style

Here converges my unique personal form of expression, where the human blends with the animal, vegetable, quantum and creative; an infinite synergy of possibilities to perceive our own universe, where love and indifference dive us inside a world full of tenderness or pain. Voluptuous erotic bodies full of poetry and love. Landscapes and concepts that leave no one indifferent.

Luis moscoso


There is not a single painting by Luis Moscoso that leaves us without feeling, without provoking a unique and personal sensation between the painting and the spectator.

— Isis Fiorella Córdoba

Quantum Vitality Series

Series of gestural painting where shapes lengthen and deform trying to capture those brief and at the same time infinite flashes of matter over the walls of time, where everything happens and where everything for an instant is possible.

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