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“I propose new challenges and painting is a spiritual relief; to create for me is to live. My art is timeless, it has no space or time”

-Luis Moscoso



Abstract Work

Quantum Vitality Series

Quantum Vitality is not only the most famous and prolific series in Luis Moscoso’s entire career but also the most personal one that proposes a singular gaze of the author towards liberation which is what represents art itself and the act of creating from the fact: a work of art should never seek to be a mere representation of reality but rather focus on being the perfect bridge to filter our spiritual experiences and transmute them into the physical world, just as this work suggests showing space and matter convulsing in its purest form and the emphasis on the spirals in this work are precisely the elements that symbolize continuity and flow, a constant process of change and evolution.


-Silvio Moscoso


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“I’ve always been inspired by the human figure, women, nature, love, I do not have a specific theme of life itself, art is born of flow and it may be that of a single element such as a fruit, a flower, a great artist can bring forth a great work”
-Luis Moscoso

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